How to Create Content that Charms, Coaches and Converts Your Prospects Into Customers

According to HubSpot, 36% of marketers say producing engaging content is their biggest challenge. Read-on to learn how to create content that charms, coaches and converts your prospects into customers.

A few months ago, my bathtub faucet snapped off as I was trying to prepare my toddler’s bath. He wasn’t too disappointed. He was only too happy not to have a bath; I had interrupted his Play-Doh time. But I didn’t panic about the snapped faucet. I googled some videos on how to fix a bathtub faucet. I wanted to save some coin with a little DIY and savor the satisfaction of going-it-alone.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts to find an easy-to-follow video on how to fix or repair my snapped faucet, I had only reached one conclusion: I was even worse off now than before I decided to invest time in watching the videos.

I don’t believe that my bathtub misadventure was an isolated case. The internet is full of how-to content, and much of it completely misses the mark. Not all people should be giving advice, even well-intentioned internet prognosticators. Regardless of whether you’re selling bathroom faucets or B2B marketing services, you have an opportunity - and a duty - to offer sound expertise. But you must be aware of and clearly understand the task at hand. Read on, to learn how to create content that charms, coaches and converts your prospects into customers. 

Customer Generated Content...with a twist

It’s not easy to figure out what your audience wants to hear. Harder still is coming up with content that’s useful, relatable and entertaining. Marketing content #101 begins with great content, every time. Be brave, my friends. Step outside of your proverbial comfort zone and talk with your existing customers.

They will likely, and happily, tell you what got them to buy in the first place, as well as what keeps them engaged and buying in the future. They will even tell you what would make them buy more. Customer-generated content has the added benefit of getting those customers to interact with your brand by providing that crucial feedback. Keep them entertained and excited to see their contributions featured in your posts and they will be your greatest promoters. 

Repurposed Content As Goldmine

Sift through your website, blogs, e-books, brochures and whatever else you have put aside. Now is the time to repurpose that content. You just need to figure out how best to sort through and repurpose it. Repurposing content to use in new ways gives you a bigger return on investment from each piece of content.

As HubSpot so aptly put it, “Repurposing content is like borrowing from yourself; it’s all in adjusting your angle of approach.”

Ways to repurpose your content:

  1. Deconstruct a blog post. Just because information lived on your blog first, doesn’t mean it can’t be restructured and utilized elsewhere.

  2. Take content from your print materials, especially ones that target prospects. Which ideas will translate well online? What needs to be updated?

  3. Use content from your site:

    1. Expand points from your about page into a comprehensive company history or your vision for the future.

    2. If you’ve written articles for other sites (guest blogging) you can rework them in your own newsletter or blog.

    3. Target content to prospects and customers through email, webinars, blogs and social networks based on the areas where they need the most attention.

    4. Turn a popular blog post into a podcast.

    5. Compile your best blog posts into a helpful eBook.

    6. Feature reviews on your Facebook profile.

    7. Feature customer tweets-and your responses-in the next email newsletter.

    8. Create a video series, starring your content, on YouTube.

However, repurpose your content sensibly...

Repurposing your content requires a modicum of effort-don’t do a “word-for-word,” self-styled rip-off on yourself. Doing this will, obviously damage your SEO, as well as disappoint your following. Instead, simply refreshen your original content-give it a differently-angled view.


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